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Hands-on Basic Tissue Grafts training in YOUR office.

If you’ve been tempted to learn grafting but didn’t want to spend the required time away or money on tuition this is an ideal course for you.

“They told me I was brushing too hard.”

This is the famous line we hear from patients. There are better solutions than giving out soft toothbrushes. Patients appreciate solving their problem with a simple graft but it’s best to know which ones are simple and when to refer.

We can help.

Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold. Simple treatment planning tricks and surgical tips will give you the confidence to plan and do the simple cases without stress, avoiding bad outcomes and emergency calls.

First a one-on-one diagnosis webinar.

Our periodontists walk through case selection criteria before you choose your cases.

2nd online meeting is the pre-surgical planning.
Win before you play. Set up for success.

Design the surgery before you do the surgery. Map out incisions, split versus full thickness flap, suture technique and perio pack or no pack.

In-office ‘surgery day’ with our periodontist.

Morning PowerPoint briefing and review of each case with you and staff. Then we follow the plans.

4 to 6 graft cases is ideal. The periodontist performs one then the dentist and his assistants perform 3 to 5 under the watchful guidance of a perio surgery expert.

$5,995 tuition we supply materials and instruments.

$3,000 to $6,000 your fees collected for 6 cases at $400 to $800 per tooth. Multiple teeth in one or more of the cases is likely.

You incur minimal cost or even turn a profit for the day plus enjoy “Synchronized Dental Training™” with your staff to launch your tissue grafting practice. One of the best deals in dental education today.


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