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The Synergy Academy

With The Synergy Academy you can expand your practice even faster.

Do you need more new patients or simply to expand the services you provide? The Synergy Academy™ is a fresh concept in training, providing the absolute most value for your education investment.

We call it training because it’s more than education, it’s “skill set transfer” with you learning new procedures in record time. Hosted in the familiarity of your own office with your staff, this course provides needed service for your own patients with one-on-one guidance of a skilled specialist in a fun, collegial atmosphere. As an experienced General Practitioner you’re ready to perform basic periodontal surgery within a day of Synergy hands on training.

We turn your office into a graduate Perio program for one day for each of the 4 surgical courses. Take one or take them all as series, you'll be blown away by the affordable cost. It could be the best deal in the history of dental education.

4 Surgical Courses for In-house Training

Implants »Bone Grafting »Tissue Grafting »Crown Lengthening »

PLUS 1 Management Course

The Perio Blueprint (Dentistry's Secret Sauce) »

Meet Our Team

Dr. Randy Nolf, Periodontist
Clinical Faculty Director

As a periodontist, Randy Nolf has witnessed the changing dental industry. An opportunity is expanding for general dentists and specialists alike. Dr. Nolf believes that the same is true for dental education which is at the dawn of a major shift to less centralized, more affordable, and rapid practice adoption model of delivery.

He has continually been involved with teaching since he received his advanced certificate in Periodontology from Temple University in 1981. His outstanding credentials include a certificate from the gIDE Master Clinician program and as co-founder of the PreViser Corporation.

Dentistry is adjusting to a new paradigm, better for our patients by focus shifting away from repair to interception of disease. Interception as a treatment model is possible through sensitive artificial intelligence permeating into our practices. Randy is gratified to witness this evolution in part through software he created and now being adopted throughout the Us and UK.

Dr. Nolf has been an advocate of supporting general dentists with in-office training as well as on-site surgical procedures his entire career. 35 years integrated into dentists' offices has led to a new system of training called "Synchronized Dental Learning™" facilitating rapid adoption of new surgical procedures into general practice

Dr. Steven R. Ury, Periodontist
Academic Faculty Director

An entrepreneur at heart, Steve Ury altered his career from engineering to focus on the potential of the burgeoning dental industry. He earned a degree in dentistry, owned a general practice and then became a periodontist with an office in NY.

During his leadership of dental study groups and as past president of the largest periodontal organization in the northeast United States, Dr. Ury interacted with other dental professionals. He foresaw the changing landscape of periodontal care and referral.

As co-founder of PreViser Corporation, he witnessed the development of analytic software to help expose undiscovered periodontal disease. More disease revealed equates to more treatment rendered resulting in more healthy patients.

Lack of busyness is problematic in dental practices. Realizing periodontal disease concerns approximately 50% of the adult population but only about 7% have related care, he considered the possibilities. Dr. Ury believes that dentists could easily increase production and revenue by administrating in-office, non-surgical and basic surgical periodontal treatment.


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